Ensure your users will read documents on your autorun cd

Check for a viewer, if your autorun documents could not be opened

What happens if you put a Word document on your autorun CD, but users of your CD do not have Microsoft Word installed? Or if you put a PDF file and your user does not have Adobe Reader installed?

With 1st AutoRun Express you should not worry about it! 1st AutoRun Express will let you ensure, that your document will be readable!

If 1st AutoRun Express starts a document that does not have a software to open, then it displays the following message to the user:

Ask user confirmation to check online for additional software

If user clicks Yes, then a corresponding web page in 1st AutoRun Express Viewers Library will open.

For Microsoft Word documents (.DOC) it will look as shown below: (Click here to open this page)

Viewers Library Page for DOC files

Now user can click on a link and download and install Microsoft Word Viewer or Adobe Reader etc.

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